What is PayCom?
Is a mobile payment solutions provider. The company has a licence from the central bank of Nigeria to render mobile payment services in Nigeria.
What is Pido?
Pido is Paycom’s consumer product and it means Payment Irrespective of Distance or Obstacle
How can I open a Pido account?
To register From your phone, send:
reg (space) first name (space) last name (to 08093009300

Visit www.mypaycompido.com


Download the application on any network.

For java phones: visit
or send “app download” to 08093009300.

For Blackberry Phones: visit
or send “add download” to 08093009300.

For Android Phones: visit google play store for the “PiDO” app download


Simply visit the nearest agent outlet in your location All SMS charges apply
What transactions can I perform using Pido?
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How much can I transact on Pido?
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Does the Pido application work no any phone and any network?
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How do I fund my Pido account?
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How do I make cash withdrawals from my Pido account?
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What are the applicable charges for using Pido?
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What happens if my phone is missing?
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Who can be an Agent?
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What are the things required to become an Agent?
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How can I reach Pido Help Desk?
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I did a top up request and I have not received a confirmation, what do I do?
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Can I use Pido anytime?
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How safe is Pido?
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What if I forget my PIN and/or have been locked out of my account. How I resolve it?
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I did Funds Transfer and my Pido account was debited but beneficiary has not received money. what do I do?
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I tried doing transaction and I got invalivd PIN?
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I just registered for Pido and I can't remember my default PIN?
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How can I make money using Pido?
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Who can be an Agent
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