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Frequently Asked Questions


      • How do I access my wallet?
        You can access your wallet via web access, USSD, mobile app and Pido ATM card.


      • After I pick up my Pido card, what do I do?
        First change the default pin (1111) to a 4 number combination of your choice. Pido is a current account.


      • How do I register for web access?
        Go to and click on “Register for web access”.


      • How do I use a Java enabled phone to access my wallet?
        Dial *955# for Airtel/MTN numbers and *62274# for Etisalat numbers.


      • Can I use my Android device to access my wallet?
        Yes. Simply download the app from Google Play store. Type “Pido” in the search box.


      • What’s the difference between my password and my pin?
        Passwords are used to log on to the web page or mobile app while pin is used to complete all transactions.


      • I forgot my login password, what do I do?
        Click on “Cant access account?” on the webpage, answer the security question you chose and a new password will be sent to the email provided during registration.


      • I forgot my transaction pin, what do I do?
        Call Customer care for a pin reset.


      • How do I fund my wallet?
        Walk into any Sterling Bank and make a deposit using your name and Pido number as depositor’s name and number on the deposit slip.


      • My Pido card has expired, how do I get a new one?
        Visit the nearest agent to get a new card.


      • I want to change my wallet no, what do I do?
        Send a request to with required details.


      • I did online fund transfer, got debited but the beneficiary didn’t get the money, what went wrong?
        Kindly send a mail to with required details.


      • How do I know how much I have left in my wallet?
        From the various methods of accessing your wallet, click on “Check Balance”.


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