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PayCom Nigeria Limited is one of the fastest and the most dynamic players in the mobile payment industry, bringing you the fastest and most user friendly products to help in your financial transactions.

Consumer Products


PiDO is the flagship consumer product of PayCom used for making payments, receiving and sending money etc. PiDO can be used to buy airtime from any mobile network regardless or time or location. A PiDO wallet comes with a verve ATM card which can be used at any VERVE Compliant ATM booth.

Provides ‘store of value’ and linked to an account which can be used to make payments for goods and services on-the-go. Opening an account is very easy and convenient ie no stringent condition or documentation is required. PiDO reduces or limits the risk of exposing your bank account details to fraud when conducting financial transactions. PiDO is also integrated into the PayOut solution, hence, enables mobile disbursement and P2P transfer of funds.

What you can achieve with PiDO

Corporate Products


PayOut is a mobile bulk funds disbursement solution platform. It is suitable for the management of the payroll of employees of an organization in particular the Fast-moving consumer goods Company (FMCG) and the manufacturing sector in general. i.e payment of salaries, wages, allowance, vendors etc.

PayOut reduces or eliminates the operational challenge associated with bulk payment for casual workers’ allowances and stipends.

Funds disbursement is done in real-time i.e within 24 hours (T+1) tier.

The solution has several layers of authentication and approval, thereby guarantees confidentiality and security.


A mobile funds collection solution platform that can be deployed by an organization to mop-up funds from a collecting party. Pre-determined and periodic sweep of collected funds into a designated bank account, PayCollect is a Multi-layered user administration system with configurable roles.

PayCollect comes with:

  • Convenient and customer-friendly process design
  • Multi-tiered close of business reconciliation and reports
  • Affordable or zero technical integration and deployment cost fees
  • Instant electronic value
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